Our Mission: Wildlife Conservation Global supports field based efforts to conserve threatened species in nature.

Wildlife Conservation Global is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 by John Lukas to conserve culturally and ecologically important threatened species through a holistic approach that engages communities in the preservation of wildlife and habitat. The foundation supports programs that involve field-based conservation efforts for internationally known species whose protection influences and supports the persistence of entire ecosystems.

The primary focus of Wildlife Conservation Global is on managing and fundraising for the Okapi Conservation Project in DR Congo which works to safeguard the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, one of most bio diverse sites in all of Africa and home to the largest populations of forest elephants, okapi and chimpanzees in DR Congo. As a unique endemic species, okapi, are particularly important for their ability to influence international efforts to protect an extensive natural area of outstanding biological and cultural significance.

To take advantage of the efficiencies of partnerships Wildlife Conservation Global collaborates in the field with similarly aligned organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Network, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the International Rhino Foundation. As a seasoned conservation organization we work side by side with our proven partners to conserve some of the most threatened iconic representatives of our planet’s amazing biodiversity.

Wildlife Conservation Global is the responsible nonprofit fiscal agent for the Okapi Conservation Project and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in the United States..

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